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Gisch Consulting offers a fully guided and supported process for selecting, testing and implementing a project management solution to help SMEs embrace cloud productivity solutions. 

One of the key differences between Gisch Consulting is the deeper understanding of how systems and processes are interconnected and combined to suit your organisation’s unique circumstances.

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Anita Gisch

I’m not just passionate about helping small and medium enterprises (SMEs); I’m deeply committed to it. Leveraging my extensive background in anthropology, business analysis, and information technology, I offer a blend of skills uniquely designed to help organisations like yours thrive.

What truly sets me apart is the HOME Improvement approach—a proprietary, evidence-based methodology rooted in my PhD research into how SMEs navigate disruptive change. This framework serves as a compass for my consultancy work, ensuring that you’re not only keeping up with change but leading it.  While many consultants might offer you a generic solution, I dig deep to tailor strategies specifically designed for your unique organisational culture.

If you’re looking to navigate change, optimise your operations, or solve complex organisational challenges, I’m here to help. Please Contact Me, connect on LinkedIn or book a free Discovery Meeting.

A HOME Improvement Approach

What sets me apart is my proprietary HOME Improvement approach, an evidence-based methodology rooted in years of rigorous research into how small and medium enterprises (SMEs) adapt to transformative changes in their work practices. The HOME Improvement Approach stands for:

Part 1: Holistic Analysis: Starting with the Bigger Picture

The approach begins with a holistic analysis of your business. This stage is about gaining a comprehensive understanding of current operational models, work cultures, and employee dynamics — crucial for identifying areas needing change.

Part 2: Organisational Procedures and Work Practice

how the design and categorisation can significantly influence behavioural patterns within an organisation. The goal is to refine processes and practices to not just meet current needs but also to be adaptable for future challenges.

Part 3: Mapping the Future State

Charting a Sustainable Path Forward
Strategic mapping involves setting a clear vision for the future. It’s a crucial step for aligning short-term actions with long-term objectives, ensuring that SMEs are moving in the right direction.

Part 4: Employee Engagement: The Core of Sustainable Change

Involving employees in the transformation process is essential. The ‘HOME’ Improvement approach emphasises the importance of engaging the workforce in every step, fostering a collaborative and inclusive culture.
I’m interested in hearing about your experiences with organisational change. Have you faced barriers in implementing changes within your SME?


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