Project Management

WorkflowMax is a popular project management tool within the Xero ecosystem. I have been a WorkflowMax partner for approximately 5 years. I can help determine if it is the right fit for your company, set up and train your staff and/or fix problems with existing WorkflowMax accounts.

While I am happy to help everyone, I particularly enjoy the challenges faced by Architects, Designers and project teams. Here are some of the areas I can help.


Reports are often one of the first areas where people notice a system isn’t working as effectively as it should. Consider the current reports you require and check that you can achieve the required outputs. I can help you work through the reporting requirements and bridge the gap between what you want and what you can get from the system.

Change Management

Implementing a new system can be a major change for a company. People are naturally resistant to change. It is uncomfortable and slows us down when we need to think through a new process. I can help with making the change as smooth as possible.

Together we can give a presentation on the new system and show some screenshots of it in action. It is important for people to be able to ask questions and voice any fears or potential issues; it is part of the adjustment process.


Comprehensive on-site training is available. Travel costs are dependent on location and duration. It will be tailored to the specific roles and levels of interaction with different systems. For example, design assistants and admin staff can be given a brief 20-minute overview of how to enter time, record notes and provide status updates.

Project Managers and accounts staff will need much more comprehensive sessions, ideally with some follow-up sessions to address questions or process refinements as specific unusual scenarios come up.

Accounting Integration

I can work with your accounts team or external bookkeepers/accountants to ensure the integration is as seamless as possible.


Support is only a phone call or email away. Even if you have “a silly little question”, please feel free to contact me for help. Often it is much quicker just to reach out rather than going through the frustration of trying to figure something out that you do not do regularly (like update a WorkflowMax print template).

Business Processes

Implementing a new system provides a great opportunity to have a look at the current and historical process. Sometimes ways of working evolve without ever really being consciously thought through from end to end. Everyone has little quirky habits and things that they just do out of habit. Sometimes, even when systems change or evolve, we don’t think about how we could be doing things better.

Or perhaps someone did develop a formal process a few years ago and the process manual is sitting quietly in a corner collecting dust. Process documentation should never really be seen as a final product. It needs to evolve with the company. So, as you learn, grow and change, it needs to remain a living document, ready to keep up with you.

I can help you put a process in place that helps get things more organised and sensible now, but also help build habits that will keep the process documentation alive and relevant. Efficiency is great, but EFFECTIVENESS is essential. If processes are not effective, they will not work.

Remember, I do this A LOT, and I love it so much I’m even doing a PhD research project on the topic. If you’re as nerdy as I am, feel free to check that project out here.

Staff Roles

Processes and system permissions should be organised around roles rather than specific people, even if the team is small. For example, rather than setting up a process around how you send things to “Kate the Bookkeeper”, think about how a Project Manager would hand things to the Accounts team. I can help you work through the roles, help to clarify where the boundaries should be and how effectively to pass information from one area to another.


If you would like some help with a new or existing WorkflowMax account, please get in touch.